About Us

Global Sustainable Ltd was founded September 2010 and its services are:

Renewable Energy Project Development and Management

With an experienced team of engineers and technologies, Global Sustainable Ltd offers project development. The company is experienced to manage the development of renewable energy projects, ranging from micro projects to mega projects, and technologies ranging from biogas, wind, hydro power cogeneration and solar projects

Carbon Asset Development and trading

Global Sustainable has varied experience in developing carbon assets of greenhouse reduction projects. The lead consultant has developed assets of projects of various technologies ranging from cookstove projects, mini hydro power projects, wind power projects, cogeneration projects, biomass projects and energy efficiency projects. This experience span across Africa, South Asia and USA.

Renewable Energy project financing and consultancy

Whatever scale of your renewable energy project is, Global Sustainable will work with you to secure the best financing model and the best rate of financing to your project. We work to represent the interest of the project by identifying the best finacial model for the project.

Key Team:

Humphrey Mulindi
CEO, Global Sustainable Ltd

As the CEO and the Lead Consultant, Humphrey Graduated from Kenyatta University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Appropriate Technology, where his concentrations were on renewable energy and water resources technology, and an MSc Renewable Energy from the same university. Humphrey has over seven years of experience in the area of renewable energy, four years in the area of carbon asset development and trading and one year in the area of renewable energy project financing.
Humphrey’s has held various positions in the field of renewable energy, latest being Deputy Managing Director of Viability Africa where he managed the Nairobi office in renewable energy project financing and carbon asset development. Prior to this position, he was Vice President at Carbon Manna Africa, where he also headed the project development for the organization. For two years, Humphrey worked for JP Morgan investment bank as an Associate, in charge of African renewable energy project appraisal, sourcing and development.  His experience in the area of renewable energy ranges from the Middle East, Africa, Southern Asia and Michigan USA.  He also worked as a project manager for NGO Terra Nouva in partnership with AMREF in disseminating clean energy initiatives among the semi-urban population of Nairobi. Additionally, Humphrey is the chairman of the policy arm of Energy and Gender group, Kenya chapter.

Claude Ogolla
Claude  graduated from the University of Nairobi with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He has held various positions before moving into private practice in the area of renewable energy. He has worked on numerous power projects all over East Africa. Currently he is developing several power projects in Southern Sudan.