Green energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa face various huddles before its success. These can be classified broadly into:

  • Proper and qualified Project development and Management entity
  • Project finance to their project
  • Qualified and best developer for their carbon Asset

We are strategically placed to partner with you go through these hurdles for the success of your projects by offering:

  • Green Energy Project Development and Management services

With an experienced team of engineers and technologies, Global Sustainable Ltd offers project development services to green energy project developers. We are experienced in taking through your green project from the preliminary stage, through feasibility, acquisition of relevant government licenses, negotiation of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the government utility supplier, sourcing of technology provider, managing project implementation, to commissioning of your project. Global Sustainable Ltd is experienced in working on different green project technologies, and at different sizes- micro to large scale.

  • Carbon Asset Development and Commercialization services

Global Sustainable has vast experience in developing carbon assets of greenhouse reduction projects. The team has developed assets of projects of various technologies ranging from cookstove projects, mini hydro power projects, wind power projects, cogeneration projects, biomass projects and energy efficiency projects. This experience range from Africa, South Asia and USA. We are experienced in developing carbon assets both at compliance market (CDM) and Voluntary Market. We help your project get this valuable asset that is normally between 3 to even up to 50% (in the case for cookstove projects) the cost of your project

  • Renewable Energy project financing and consultancy

 Whatever scale of your renewable energy project is, Global Sustainable will work with you to establish the best financing model at the best market rate to your project. Our interest is to represent the project by analyzing different pool of investors and their different “appetite” and connect the project with the most appropriate investor(s)